Information Technologies

Technical requirements.
Application logic and design.

Web design and development.


What are your technology needs?

We will analyze your  IT needs  before you invest in expensive equipment. When increased productivity and efficiency are desired, we will develop workflow and process-optimizing solutions. We will arrange installation of the equipment and then organize and conduct staff training.

We will help you to strike a perfect balance between delaying considerable technological expenditures and remaining competitive by assisting you in projecting your future technology needs and finding solutions that will help you to reach your fullest organizational potential.

App development

Do you need to find a software solution or to have it custom-designed and developed? ValorBiz will conduct needs analyses and develop thorough technical requirements, detailing every aspect of the software, with its logic and interface, user experience, database architecture, etc. We will find the most efficient means of developing the app and build it for you.

Technical writing? No problem!

We will create, locate, research, edit, and process any technical data. Furthermore, we will ensure that your data is properly translated into other languages, when required. We can develop solutions for organizing, storing, and processing your technical data.

• Technology plan and strategy

• Technical requirements

• Workflow design

• Software development

• App logic design

• User-interface and user-experience design

• Technical writing

• Website design & development

• Innovation management

• Technology needs analysis

• Usability assessment

• EMR implementation

• Technology installation and training

• Policies, procedures, and etiquette

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Information Technologies

Information Technologies